Charles P. Forbes


My great-grandfather was the James H. Forbes who started the Jas. H. Forbes Tea and Coffee Company in St. Louis in 1853. My father, also named James, was its President until it was sold outside of the family in 1956. I have, over the years, accumulated a number of items related to the company, and of course to the family--my family. I didn't realize that there was much interest in the company outside of the family. Then, searching eBay I found a number of Forbes Coffee items listed. Not only listed, but some of them were going for remarkable amounts of money. (My father would turn over in his grave at the idea of his old empty tins being worth substantially more rusted and empty than new and full of coffee, tea or spices!). I corresponded with several of the buyers on eBay and discovered that there is a fairly large community of collectors--and others--interested in the company and its products..

The purpose of the Website is simply to share some of the information that I have about the company with whoever is interested. I hope also that readers may contribute additional information, pictures, etc. Those will be shared.

You can e-mail me at with questions, comments, or other information.

Charles Forbes

Baltimore, Maryland

Originally posted, October, 2001

Last revision, October, 2001